How Precious Metals Investors Can Trump the Establishment

Thanks to the internet and the wide range of information now available at the public’s fingertips, it’s getting harder and harder for the powers that be- the establishment- to maintain control over the people.

Ridiculous presidential candidates, Wall Street, and more are all becoming more heavily scrutinized by the general public than ever before, and as such, it’s getting harder and harder for them to “get one over” on the little guy, i.e. the American people.

Good News

That’s good news for average Americans and not so good news for those who attempt to exert power over them. If you’re an average American, however, it’s important to understand that simply being “in the know” about the establishment isn’t going to help you, nor is gobbling up information fed to you by the establishment, no matter how carefully it disguises itself.

You have to actually take action with your newfound knowledge, knowledge that you’ve gotten from outside sources, and investing wisely in precious metals is one way to take action.

The financial establishment as it exists now is funded by big companies, companies like major banks and mutual fund companies. The media is also funded by these giants, so it can’t really be trusted either.

It will tell you gold and precious metals are a good investment one day and then a bad investment the next. That’s why you have to learn to separate fact from fiction when it comes to all that you hear.

Big News

To begin with, don’t trust the big magazines or news shows that report on the “history” of precious metals or their current standing.

They’re funded by the establishment and are just telling you what the establishment wants you to hear. And you can rest assured that what it wants you to hear is in its best interest, not yours.

Instead of turning to these major outlets for your information, turn to the internet and to trusted, non-establishment funded websites, podcasts, and other information available online. These will be real with you about the current value of various precious metals and about how and when to invest in them.

One thing you’re sure to hear from these alternative outlets that is true is that smart investors are moving toward hard, tangible assets. That means that your best bet isn’t to invest in government-funded gold stocks or anything of the sort but instead to invest in real, physical gold that you can hold in your hands.


This is gold that the government can’t control or manipulate in any way, the way it does with so much else these days.

Make your investments your own. Do your research independently of what others are saying. In the end, you will come out on top and you will have only yourself to thank.

Remember, knowledge truly is power in this case, so educate yourself, shut out the voices that are working for their own benefit, and do what you know to be right based on your own research. You can’t go wrong that way.