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September 01, 2015
  • 1135.70 Gold:
  • 1011.00 Platinum:
  • 14.65 Silver:

*Based on Second London Fix.

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  • For large shipments of gold, please call 888.836.7888
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Joseph DuMouchelle and company have been buying and appraising gold for over 80 years. With the top payout rates for gold in the industry, we are able to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Selling gold has never been this simple. Simply fill out the form to your right, wait for us to send you a pre-postaged package, send in your gold and we’ll follow up with the value of your gold. If you choose not to accept our offer, we will ship your valuables back to you. In addition, we even offer a grace period after you accept an offer during which we hold on to your gold or jewelry for seven days in case you change your mind.

Since we are auctioneers and not resellers, we are able to offer higher payouts than resellers, and we specialize in gold jewelry. If you have gold jewelry — pure or bejeweled — feel free to contact our chief appraiser, Joseph DuMouchelle, directly at 800.475.4367.

Selling gold to Joseph DuMouchelle is a transparent process. Upon receiving your gold, we will record a video of our team opening and appraising the gold you sent us. For those who require to be paid out immedietly, we offer printable shipping labels to streamline the gold selling process. Choose Joseph DuMouchelle for all of your gold, silver & platinum selling. Compare our rates with the competition, we’re confident you’ll be rewarded handsomely for selling your gold to


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