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Is There Opportunity in Precious Metals?

I know a lot of people who have gone back to practices our species has done in the past.  A lot of my colleagues are trying old fads like the caveman diet, or going back to just eating plants or something crazy. Others are trying to buy gold and keep it on the basis that one day the world economy

How Precious Metals Investors Can Trump the Establishment

Thanks to the internet and the wide range of information now available at the public’s fingertips, it’s getting harder and harder for the powers that be- the establishment- to maintain control over the people. Ridiculous presidential candidates, Wall Street, and more are all becoming more heavily scrutinized by the general public than ever before, and as such, it’s getting harder

Carl Bass Brings Autodesk Into Its Golden Age

Autodesk’s CEO Carl Bass is ushering in a new era for the company, along with CTO Jeff Kowalski, and the world is taking notice. Autodesk has become a new vehicle for cutting-edge technology, and it’s thanks to their fresh form of leadership.   Their success in taking over Autodesk can even be visually tracked. Even after taking a hard plummet

Money Metal Issues 2016: Gold and Silver Forecast

Gold and Silver will be shaping up to having an interesting year in 2016. The gold price is going to show a lot of volatility but should close out the entire year with a gain of at least 20% or higher. The silver price is related to gold and will have an even higher state of volatility going in both

The Benefits of Investing in Gold

These days, there are all kinds of ways that you can invest, and there’s a lot of pressure to pick the right options and to have a diverse investment portfolio. One of the best options you could ever choose, though, is gold. In fact, even if you don’t invest in anything else, gold is a smart choice that comes with

Know Your Gold Investment Options

Gold has long been an investment option for people from all walks of life, and it’s a good one. Gold has always and will always have real value, unlike paper money, making it a wonderful, stable, and just plain smart investment. If you’re ready to join the many other people who already know the joys of investing in gold, it’s

How to Manage Your Precious Metals Portfolio

Choosing to invest in precious metals–be it gold or silver in its many forms–is a good idea. Already, you know that you’re not alone in your choice to make a smart investment. However, making the choice to invest isn’t the only step. It is also important to keep track of your investments and make educated choices about selling or keeping

Things to Know About Jewelry Appraisals

Whether you need extra money on hand or inherited a collection that just isn’t your taste, selling your jewelry is a good way to bring in some additional cash. But before you make the move to sell your jewelry, you’ll need to get a good sense of what your collection is worth. That’s where jewelry appraisals come in. An appraisal

Tips for Selling Your Gold for Cash

Maybe you’ve run into some financial hard times and need extra cash on hand to pay your bills. Or maybe you’re just not a jewelry person, and you’re tired of seeing the collection your grandmother gave you sitting unused in a box shoved toward the back of your closet. No matter your motivation for selling your gold for cash, you