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Selling with Joseph DuMouchelle ensures you get
the highest amount possible for your unneeded
or unwanted silver, gold and platinum pieces.

We specialize in jewelry, hollowware (serving dishes), & flatware (utensils). Because we are auctioneers, not resellers, we are able to offer the highest payouts in the industry — guaranteed.

  • Best prices available online
  • For high volume shipments of silver, gold and platinum please call
    888.836.7888 for a quote.
  • For must-sell items, contact us for a free printable shipping label.


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For over 80 years, individuals and organizations have trusted their valuables with DuMouchelle. We pride ourselves on setting the standard for accuracy in gold and silver appraisal, and since we are not resellers we are able to offer top rates for your gold or silver jewelry, coins, rings, flatware, pendants, earrings, and more – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

How Much You Can Earn:

  • Gold Bracelets

    $ 312.82
  • Platinum Bands

    $ 611.40
  • Silver Earrings

    $ 33.12
  • Gold Necklaces

    $ 472.28